Open Your Eyes / Abre Tus Ojos

Open Your Eyes/Abre Tus Ojos is a film project exploring the diversity, beauty and joy of 12 every day Mexican-Americans in beautiful 96 FPS (slow motion) moving portraits. Commissioned by the Campaign “Share for Good” by Estrella Jalisco / Concept and Direction: JESSICA TOSCANO / Cinematography: MARISCELA BEATRÍZ MÉNDEZ / Production Assistance BY KEIRY VEGA


On October 11th and 12th, of 2018, WE ventured out to the streets of Los Angeles to find and connect with fellow Mexican-Americans. I didn’t know any of them, we met most of them in the street - yet they chose to share 5 minutes of their lives with us and our camera. We had about 3 minutes with each subject where I asked them thought-provoking on the spot questions about life, family and our culture. There is something so beautiful and intimate about capturing a persons real and raw emotions at 96 frames per second. Every thought and emotion is captured in a rare and delicate moment in time.


BTS photography by Keiry Vera

Special thanks to every human we connected with on those two days.